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The InfoPro Court Solution was initially developed for an appeals court.  With over twenty years of development, it handles nearly every aspect of the court system.  We know that every court is unique, so as custom developers, we can provide the best of all possibilities ... an understanding of the processing, tracking and reporting needed from every business, a specific understanding of the functioning of a court system and the ability to modify an application to fit the way your court operates.  Below are just a few of the areas where our case management system can help case flow and tracking:

  • Initial information can be keyed into our system or can be transferred (all or in part) from other court systems (such as the Clerk of Courts) where available.

  • Anytime information for a case is entered or modified, it is tracked by date, time and user

  • By using a combination of case status and user information, it is quick and easy to find where a case stands, who is currently responsible for it and how it is measuring against time guidelines and local rules

  • Paperwork can be stored electronically.  If paper files are used, the system can print appropriate file labels and track the physical file location

  • Many flexible query screens allow users to find the cases they need based upon many options ranging from names of individuals, case status information, key date ranges, panels, writing judges or even the text of notes filed with cases or motions

  • The system is able schedule judges to ensure a fair balance of hearing rooms, times and panels while taking into account vacations, holidays, seniority and writing times

  • The scheduling of individual cases is also greatly aided by screens that show cases ready for hearing prioritized based upon dates, case types and special flags

  • Dockets are also automatically generated for time and substantive motions

  • Notifications in the form of postcards are printed and logged so that they are sent at the appropriate time to all of the necessary parties

  • Due dates are calculated with local rules and status codes so that it is always clear when paperwork is not filed in a timely manner

  • Screens are available to show case relationships -- whether they may be consolidated or even associated at this court or at a lower court

  • All information related to a case or group of cases is easy to see including: parties, dates, status information, case associations, notes, opinions, status information, motions and an audit trail

  • A wide range of reports can be generated.  Some include: case summaries, court calendars, holdover lists, status reports, journal entries and more

  • Lists of cases and motions that are the results of queries can be used for reports or can be exported to spreadsheets

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